Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Introduction

The Ramsey Sisters have loved old fashioned music since a young age, the jazzy tunes of the 1930's and 1940's, the artistic quality of the vocal tones, all the wonderful harmonies that make each song so special...  The Ramsey Sisters have been singing these songs together as long as they can remember.  Studying the intricate harmonies and blending their voices in that wonderful old fashioned way has become their focus in re-creating the jazz-age music.  

Come and hear them!...

March the 13, 2008
The Winnsboro City Auditorium, Winnsboro TX

And so, we would like to introduce...

The Ramsey Sisters

Emma, Johanna,Grace

and Sarah Anne

Be sure and browse the sidebars for old fashioned photos of The Andrews Sisters, mixed in with some of The Ramsey Sisters.  On the right sidebar you will find a music player that plays the original versions of some of our favorite songs,  including some of those we will be performing.

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Kirby Family said...

I love your site. I've loved this music all of my life. I think it is cool that you do too! :-)