Sunday, March 22, 2009


To add a little spark to our story, and a little color to black and white words, here are some photos of our Ramsey Sisters adventures....

Friday morning... the Ramseys in curlers...


Until next time!



Stephanie said...

You gals look awesome!!! I bet you sounded wonderful!! I LOVE your dresses and the shoes are fabulous! Great job gals~

Kristin said...

Hello Ladies,

Oh my word! I am *cannot find words*...impressed! I want to know how you did your hair so beautifully and authentically!! Your ensembles are gorgeous.

It may not ring a bell, it's been so long, but I remember meeting you girls (Emma and Johannah) at SAICFF in 2007, loving The Photographer, and enjoying chatting with you there. At some point I ran into your blogs (perhaps via Kami's blog?), and have found them delightful to check now and again. Thank you for allowing me a peek into what some of God's daughters are doing to glorify Him in everyday life! :)

Kristin Personius
Keller, TX

Eleree said...

Hello Kristin!

We do remember you! We're so glad you discovered our blogs, and that you enjoy them. Thanks so much for commenting!

Thanks so much for your compliments on our hair and dresses! Our mother made the dresses, and did our hair. Didn't she do wonderful? As for the hair, I discovered a reprint of a book originally published in 1944, called "How To Dress Your Own Hair". It was splendid! If you tried it yourself, I'd suggest finding an older woman, someone who lived in the 40's, or a professional hairdresser, to show you the basics of finger waves and pin curls. But once you know that, this book is invaluable. :) Here's a link to the item,

Many blessings,


Kristin said...

Mothers are oh, so wonderful! :)

Thank you for the hair advice - you're a gem! I had always wondered how to start looking for resources. (Not that I have much time to devote to it - that might be the first problem. :)) Unfortunately the item was no longer listed on Ebay, BUT it gave me the tools to find a PDF version online. Yay!


I look forward to hearing about The Ramsey Sisters's future appearances - perhaps one day I will be a privileged audience member. :)

Shannon said...

You all look so fantastic! I love the dresses, and those hairstyles are incredible! And I'm sure you sound just as good as you look! :-)

Yours in Christ,

Laura said...

GORGEOUS!!! The hair, the dresses, the ladies and I'm SURE the voices.

You have inspired me to try finger waves and pin curls again . . .