Monday, January 24, 2011

Apple Blossom Time... in Winter?

No... it is most assuredly not apple blossom time yet. But we are indeed in the spirit of the 40's and the Andrew Sisters as we sing Apple Blossom Time and many other numbers each day, while making a To-Do List to iron and press our teal dresses, and find our matching bows for the upcoming show in Quitman!

You might ask... what is this show?

Well... it is a show of the best kind. A dinner theater. Which means you watch the show while enjoying an elegant meal! A production blending the greatest 40's-50's hits, sung by some of the most talented singers in East Texas. It's been such a delight to work with the Quitman theater! Rehearsals are several times each week and our anticipation grows as we sing a new song each night.

Quitman's Dinner Theater this year, titled, A Sentimental Journey, will indeed by a night to remember. And, might I say, an evening to sing, laugh, and step back in time to World War II!

We'd love to see you there if your calendar and your purse allows! (details below)
The Ramsey Sisters

Sentimental Journey Dinner Theater
February 4th, and 5th, 2011
Carroll Green Civic Center, Quitman TX
Ticket prices are $22.00 
(sold at Bank Texas in Quitman, Mineola, and Holly Lake Ranch and Wood County National Bank in Quitman and Mineola)
Dinner is served at 6:45
The curtain opens at 7:30

More Info: (903) 967-2164
There are not many tickets left, so count your pennies now!


Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

This looks like it will be such a lovely and fun evening... I've been talking to my sisters and I think we might come!!! I'm hoping there are still tickets left, I'll be calling Monday to check :-) Oh I do hope it works out!! It would be wonderful to see you!

Stacie said...

I love your blog Johanna!!! The music is awesome and I love the "vintagey" feel! :P God bless,
Stacie (from HSA!)

Johanna said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving us a comment, Staci! :) It's so good to hear from you! My sisters and I LOVE singing together, recent popular hits AND oldies from by-gone eras... it's so much fun! I need to post an update soon... ;)